Why "Porque Si"?

Posted by Vanessa Urrego on

Have you ever done something because you felt so strongly about it but just didn't know how to put into words?

"Porque Si" is an Latin American expression meaning "why not?' or "because I felt like it, so yes". 

While to some it might sound rebellious, for us, it's all about intention, belief in the unknown, and passion. Many times we create doubt in ourselves and think we cannot achieve something because we choose to see what we lack. We are quick to say "No, I can't because I don't have_____ (insert money, education, experience or whatever excuse). 

What if instead you started believing in what you DO have and pursue your passions and dreams? Yes, rejection from others will happen, but you have to be strong enough to keep going. You have a gift inside of you that nobody else has, and that is your purpose. Because we believe in a brighter tomorrow, we want to make sure we're part of that equation. We're going to say yes to taking chances, yes to breaking boundaries, yes to serving our community, and yes to creating a legacy. 

Who's ready to live intentionally? We're better together, PORQUE SI!